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Average Domestic Heating Oil Price Chart

Heating Oil Prices Updated to including 22nd October 2014

NYMEX December crude oil contract increased $1.57/bbl on Oct. 23, closing at $82.09/bbl. The January 2015 contract increased $1.62 to $81.75/bbl.Buy heating oil now while prices are at their lowest in 4 years

Heating oil for November delivery was up 2.56¢ to a rounded $2.50/gal.

The December ICE contract for Brent crude oil rose $2.12, closing at $86.83/bbl. The January 2015 contract rose a 1 cent higher at $2.13 to $87.21/bbl.

The average price for OPEC’s basket of 12 benchmark crudes was $81.67/bbl on Oct. 23, down 27¢.

So what does this mean for you? Prices are still good to go in all areas but now is the time to take advantage of today's lower rates than the last few years and buy before winter gets a grip.

The outlook for this coming winter means prices will stay very keen but will inevitably rise if serious bad weather affects supply and demand .

Heating Oil Price current trend UK Heating oil prices are still very low and flat due to a significant drop in demand, a warm summer, mild autumn, a reduction in crude oil prices, and a stronger dollar are all contributing to the drop in market prices.

Always use heatingoilshop.com to qet multiple quotes from supppliers to your postcode.

Choose your supplier carefully. We recommend you not to buy from brokers unless you can afford their prices, wait for your delivery and not know who is making the delivery.

We highly recommend you buy from a local heating oil supplier and use our website to get free quotes from suppliers to your area. Quotes are free and we do not receive commissions from suppliers.

With fuel poverty on the increase you need to look at all your options and look for the best price with the best service. Heatingoilshop.com will help youfree heating oil quotes from UK Independent suppliers achieve competitive pricing by getting quote requests out to all suppliers free of charge. We do not charge suppliers or customers for this service.

Buying direct from a heating oil supplier is your best choice as heating oil brokers can and do charge a premium of between 1p and 5p per litre for doing "the leg work". Since 19/12/2011 the average commission charge is 2.4 ppl above a local heating supplier, higher in winter and lower in summer

Our graph above tells you on a daily basis what the average broker rate is for 1000 litres.

The annual average heating oil price graph below is self explanatory, all prices include VAT at 5% and covers delivery prices from UK heating oil suppliers and 1000 litre broker prices.

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